[New Release] Transport Tycoon finds its way on the Play Store

Transport Tycoon for Android is the latest re-make / port of the huge 1994 business simulator hit coming from 31X Ltd and Origin8 technologies, with Chris Sawyer’s blessing. It brings in brand new touch optimized UI and all the content featured in the original game.

Transport Tycoon offers 49 scenarios, 150 vehicles and pretty much everything else from the original game, including the graphics. The brand new user interface lets you navigate around or lay-down roads without breaking a sweat (or your touch-screen). You can also pinch to zoom and twist your fingers to rotate the camera and get better view of the terrain.

When I announced the game back in July, I didn’t really think it would be ready till later this year. Nevertheless, the game is here live and kicking, but facing some serious problems along the way. The user score on the Play Store floats around 2.5 which is quite low and shocking for a game that was highly anticipated. I didn’t understand why until I saw the user reviews…. Most -if not all- of them complain about the game lagging terribly on their high-end devices (Nexus 7, Xperia Z!). Scrolling down further I also noticed the game version reading 0.8.1002. That version number suggests that the game is still in beta (by most standards) and is in no way ready to be distributed commercially.

Transport Tycoon
Transport Tycoon
Developer: 31X Ltd
Price: $6.99

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