Humble Mobile Bundle 2 – ends in 6 days

If you still haven’t, now now is the time to get your hands on 9 Android game titles while showing your good will by supporting charities and developers. Pay what you think is right, but if you pay below the average price (under $5.0 at the moment), you will receive only 4 games. “The Humble Mobile Bundle 2” ends in 6 days, so hurry up!

This is how it works. You choose the amount you wish to pay and split the money between the Developers, Charity organizations and if you like, tip the guys making all this possible, “The Humble Bundle” team. Two organizations will be supported in this Humble event, the Child’s Play charity that provides games and toys to children in over 70 hospitals worldwide and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports and defends our digital rights.


On to the games now.

1. Star Command

Captain on the bridge! If you’ve ever wanted to command your own spaceship, look no further than the spaceship adventure sim Star Command. Build tactical, science, and engineering facilities on your ship and hire crew members to manage them. On your space adventure, you’ll run into hostile martians of all kinds, where you’ll be forced to defend your ship and destroy theirs. Mini-games and retro colorful pixel graphics bring this cosmic game alive. Original Soundtrack is also included.

2. Time Surfer

Surf through the galaxy on the waves of time in Time Surfer, an intensely vibrant endless runner where you control the flow of time. Spikes, asteroids, and other unruly things speed towards you; luckily, you can cheat death by rewinding time and correcting your mistakes. Collect space cake to unlock costumes and cute pets, which provide powerups and upgrades when it comes to flying at warp speed. Surf’s up, dude! Original Soundtrack is also included.

3. Punch Quest

Punch Quest is a colorful fit of flying fists, uppercuts, and jabs. The arcade punchrunner is the perfect combination of zany, rapid brawling and running action including a laser-shooting dinosaur and plenty of wacky monsters. Customize your character with an endless stash of hats, powerups, and upgrades, then go forth and unleash those fists of fury. Original Soundtrack is also included.

4. Bloons TD 5

There’s no better time for monkey business than in Bloons TD 5, where the classic tower-defense game is getting a fun upgrade of primates, balloons, and utter silliness. Pop fearsome balloons by placing your monkeys and towers strategically. Every balloon popped will earn you money, which can be used to buy more towers and upgrade existing towers. With a little popping, you can easily turn your ordinary Dart Monkey into a force to be reckoned with. Balloons beware. Original Soundtrack is also included.

Pay above the average amount to unlock 5 additional games

5. Ravensword: Shadowlands

You’ve miraculously survived a war in the action RPG Ravensword: Shadowlands, and now it’s up to you to save the world. Explore a world of stunning visuals and landscapes, and face off against everything from grotesque trolls to prehistoric dinosaurs. The fate of the Kingdom of Tyreas rests on your shoulders. Original Soundtrack is also included.

6. Carmageddon

Carmageddon is a racing game with a violent, bloody twist. While you can win a race the old-fashioned way by crossing the finish line first, there are also some more creative ways to do so – killing all the pedestrians on the map or destroying all the other cars. With 30 different cars and 11 environments, there are plenty of opportunities to mutilate and maim. Read our full review about this game here.

7. Karateka Classic  + “The Making of Karateka” PDF eBook

Karateka Classic is a beat ’em up classic from 1984 by Jordan Mechner, the creator of the original Prince of Persia. Trained in the sacred art of karate, you must defeat the evil warlord Akuma and rescue the beautiful princess Mariko. Kick and punch through Akuma’s henchmen in one-on-one fights of increasing difficulty and old-school 8 bit graphics.


The beloved hilarious rag-doll running game that has you tripping over yourself is now on Android! QWOP remains as challenging as ever – you’ll have to use both of your thumbs to control QWOP’s legs. Compete in 5 formidable events and keep QWOP from getting disqualified!

9. God of Blades

Test your sword fighting skills in God of Blades, the beautifully designed mobile game which includes twenty six campaigns and eight atmospheric environments. Vanquish enemies with a broadsword by slicing upwards with your finger, or flick downwards to deliver a fatal blow from above. God of Blades features physics driven fighting mechanics that are easy to master and nightmarish creatures that will make your skin crawl! Original Soundtrack is also included.

Plenty of games to keep you occupied for a while. Get your plastic card ready and head over to to get them all today.

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