UNDECEMBER Launched Worldwide

UNDECEMBER, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games, has launched globally today. This was a highly anticipated hack & slash title presenting a direct competition to Diablo Immortal and Torchlight: Infinite. The game launched worldwide and is already translated on 10 languages. Also, there are in-game events running right now to celebrate the launch.

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The story involves an evil good that you must stop from resurrecting. You can do that by progressing and developing your character with runes, but in a classless environment with skill trees that look something like of PoE’s. At the moment there are 10 acts available, with more to come.

In the world of UNDECEMBER, players will embark on a dark journey as Rune Hunters, destined to stop the 13th Being Evil God Serpens from resurrecting. UNDECEMBER focuses on the classic Hack & Slash action from annihilating countless enemies at once, and at the same time stands out with its unique classless growth made possible by combining various Rune skills and equipment.

As a multiplatform game, UNDECEMBER supports cross-play between PC (STEAM, LINE Games PC launcher Floor) and mobile (iOS, AOS) and can be played with keyboard and mouse, mobile touchpads, and gamepads. A total of 10 language options are available to choose from, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), German and French.

From the press release

Everyone who decides to download the game now, will be rewarded with free items (check your mailbox). The week long login event is up and running, providing even more rewards.

As mentioned above, UNDECEMBER is multi-platform title with cross-play enabled. However, there seems to be a problem with rooted phone and tablets. The game thinks you are hacking, thus refuses to launch. This is a slight disappointment since rooting a device is very very different from hacking. Still, Magisk can easily hide the root, but the developers will need to learn the difference.


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