Legendary Larry – Gameplay Video (early access)

Legendary Larry just popped up in the early access section of the Google Play Store. This is a 3rd person zombie shooter game by SHD Games, featuring charming graphics and one bad-ass student (Larry) on a quest to rescue everything he cares about. The game is free with ads and optional in-app purchases. Release date is still unknown.

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Legendary Larry overview

The game features polygon graphics with very little textures, but that’s intentional. It looks very clean and runs fine for the most part, except when you get 10 or more enemies around you. Slowdowns are rare and generally last only a second or two.

Controls are simple, walking and aiming is manual, while shooting is automatic. Headshots are a thing, but depending on the zombie type chasing you, there are other spots that you can exploit. All in all it plays fine, although sometimes Larry starts shooting even before the reload animation finishes.

Other than getting headshots and chasing the bonus bunnies, you get to open boxes that give you random amount of skulls. Skulls are the only currency used to upgrade everything. From new guns and new armor to new abilities and extra coffee. Coffee is a strong stimulant that slows down time (briefly), allowing you to quickly kill the group you are facing.

Skull can be obtained by playing and by watching ads. Ads pop-up if you die too, but generally they are not that annoying.

Gameplay Video

To progress through the story, you must replay some of the levels on increased difficulty. This will grant you extra stars that can’t be obtained otherwise. Each difficulty level grants you 1 star, so 3 per level (easy, medium and hard).

Once you start getting some skulls, spend them on a new gun or skill. In my opinion, you will benefit more from a good gun than an extra piece of armor.


Legendary Larry is in early access, so I won’t slap a review tag here, nor will I provide pros & cons (yet). You can download the game from Google Play and the Apple App Store. If you can’t access the official store, sideload the APK from below.

Ivica K. – “Legendary Larry – Gameplay Video (early access)”

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