Battlecruisers: Explosive RTS

Battlecruisers: Explosive RTS is an exciting (fiction) naval warfare game with real-time offline battles, cute silhouette graphics and magnificent explosions. A perfect game to keep on your phone and take it anywhere, since it can be played even in airplane mode. The developer is Mecha Weka and the game is available on Android, iOS and Steam.

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Full disclosure, I’ve never heard about this game before. Apparently it’s a part of a series, it even has a Steam version available. This release is the latest one, and it includes all the improvements from the previous versions. Since it’s news to me, I’ll treat it like any other new game and write down my impressions. If you want to find out more about the series, visit the official Battlecruisers website.

Gameplay and Features

Everything you think you know from the screenshots is probably true. The game is a wonderful mini-battle arcade war simulation with warships. Developers are describing it as “real-time strategy”, but I think that’s debatable. That’s not the point as long as it’s fun, and it is.

On the left side of the screen resides your faithful battleship, the enemy sits on the far right. You have drones, he has drones. Drones are the only resource that you will ever need, but use them wisely. You can task them to build cannons, countermeasures, shipyards or even other drone stations. They also repair your ship when it gets damaged. Having enough of them is always better, but not before you have some defenses up and running.

Gameplay Video

While you plan and build stations, the enemy does the same. You never know what strategy will be used against you. Boats, artillery or even planes. Everything is on the table until the first wave comes. If you concentrated on cannons only, and he sends airplanes – that’s it game over. Careful planning is the key to victory, but good strategy sometimes just isn’t enough. You also need a hefty amount of luck, especially on “hard” difficulty.

After you finish the story mode, you can play skirmish against the AI as much as you want to. Choose the difficulty, AI battleship, his strategy an fire away.

Should you try Battlecruisers: Explosive RTS?

Yes, you do that if the gameplay video made you even slightly interested. Sadly, Battlecruisers: Explosive RTS is single-player only. I understand that adding a netcode to an “old” game can be a nightmare, but I truly believe that facing a living person on the other side of the screen will open a whole new world of possibilities (and attract more players).

That thing aside, the game is free to play and while it does say “free edition”, I couldn’t find any info of a paid version. There is no in-app store either, just some small ads now and then.


Pros:Great battlesConsNo Multiplayer
Pros:Good ship selectionConsNo way to disable ads
Pros:Free & Offline
Battlecruisers: Explosive RTS – Pros & Cons

Dejan Balalovski – “Battlecruisers: Explosive RTS”

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