Trolls vs Vikings announced, prelaunch trailer released

Megapop has been working on a PvZ inspired game that should appeal to all fans of the genre, promising 30+ hours of gameplay and tons of cute characters. The game is scheduled to hit the iOS App Store on February 26, while Android users will not get their version until spring or summer 2014.


– “With Trolls vs. Vikings, Megapop has delivered a super tight tower defense experience, with astounding depth of play for a mobile game, all wrapped within a lush and wacky game world. Although a tribute to a certain Plants game, it has sought to re-innovate the beloved formula, adding a range of fresh and unique features. This includes more engagement through movable and active units, a dynamic tiles system, social features, and epic boss fights with the Nordic gods themselves such as Thor, Odin and Loki.”

Trolls vs Vikings will boast couple of difficulty modes that should satisfy both casual and hardcore players. New content will be added as the developers keep updating the game, including the promised multiplayer mode that will probably put one of the players into offense, allowing him to take control of the vikings in-game. Here is the prelaunch trailer showing some of the gameplay.


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