Tiki Monkeys released worldwide

The independent developers from MilkCap Studios announced that their latest game “Tiki Monkeys” is out of soft-launch and is now ready to face the world. Your job is simple, catch the thieving monkeys who helped themselves to your treasure, collect the gold and enjoy the scenery.


Pick your favorite pirate and start chasing the gold stealing monkeys. Clear as many areas as you can, hit the monkeys and try to avoid the obstacles such as bananas, coconuts and flaming balls of fire. You will find your finger-tapping skills to be extremely useful when doing combos and competing for a spot on the leaderboard.

According to Paul Dibden, the co-founder of MilkCap Studios, Tiki Monkeys is a type of game that can be played for “couple of minutes while queuing for a coffee, or for a few hours without the game ever stopping you from progressing and completing new challenges.”

Tiki Monkeys is IAP supported title, free to download and play. Additional coins needed for new power-ups and upgrades can be purchased from within the game, including the “coin doubler” if you like the idea of getting twice as many coins while playing. Tiki Monkeys also features Facebook and platform social connectivity, allowing players to compete against their friends around the world.

Tiki Monkeys
Tiki Monkeys
Developer: MilkCap
Price: Free+
[tab:Game Features]

– Colorful and polished retina graphics
– Easy to learn, hard to master
– Explore the island and meet all the different enemies
– Pick a strategy to get the maximum score out of each area
– Play against your friends on Game Center and Facebook
– Lots of adorable characters to choose from
– Incredible Power-ups to collect and upgrade

[tab:About MilkCap]

MilkCap is a small independent developer of mobile video games. Based in London, United Kingdom, MilkCap was founded in early 2013, and has a team of highly experienced developers with backgrounds in Disney, EA, Playfish, Acclaim, Playdom and BBC.
More information about MilkCap Studios is available at


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