DotEmu is porting R-Type II to Android, trailer released

DotEmu, the developer specialized in porting classic arcade games to mobile platforms, announced that R-Type II will soon be available on the Android Play Store. This arcade classic was developed and published by IREM back in 1989, and has its share of devoted fans ever since.

The game was not only popular with arcade fans, but home computer owners as well. Amiga, Atari (and later Gameboy) owners spent hours navigating their R-9C, dodging bullets and trying to save humanity from the evil Bydo.

DotEmu released a trailer to showcase the gameplay and announce some of the upcoming features, including 3 difficulty levels and Bluetooth game controllers support (yay!). Although the exact release date remains unknown, DotEmu promises that the game will be available soon on both Android and iOS devices.


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