Triple Fantasy X Brave Nine crossover

NEOWIZ announces an epic crossover event between Triple Fantasy and Brave Nine. Triple Fantasy is a strategic RPG where players collect and battle against AI and other players in retro-inspired battles. The event is already live (now through December 29th) and players can collect up to seven Personaz characters, including Scrime, Uribel, Lincross, Sillion, Barbariba, Ledakrad, and Slain.

What’s new?

This is a third time these games have a crossover, and it’s the most extensive one yet. The cards you can get during this event offer unique skill characteristics which enhance gameplay and improve performance. For the duration of the event, players will have the chance to score even more Personaz and titles to improve their Triple Fantasy experience further.

Check out the trailer:

Triple Fantasy Trailer


The return of the ultimate collaboration, Triple Fantasy X Brave Nine
– A more powerful 3rd Collaboration!
– Meet 7 new collaboration characters – the Personaz cards!
– Get one of the Personaz legendary card by logging in for 7 days!
– Enjoy the more exciting card battles with Brave Nine!


Triple Fantasy is available on Android, Apple and Steam. The game is free to play on all 3 platforms, supported by ads and in-app purchases. If you can’t access the Google Play Store, tap the “Download APK” button to get the latest official version directly on your phone.

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