Soldiers Never Die, Gameplay Video

How about a brand new game inspired by Vampire Survivors, but instead of killing demons from hell, you take on robot dogs that have been brainwashed by evil AI. Soldiers Never Die comes from Mofish games and follows a simple recipe, kill enemies, level up, get new perks, collect everything and upgrade between levels. Even if you die, it’s not a big deal thanks to the roguelike elements that you can exploit.

About the game

Soldiers Never Die is a brand new game, only has about 5 reviews (at the time of writing this), so ignore the score. You might think that the gameplay is clearly inspired by Vampire Survivors, and you might be right. However, Vampire Survivors kind of re-introduced this gameplay to the masses, it didn’t invent it. If I recall correctly, the first time I saw this formula was in Crimsonland, a game released for free back in 2003 (that’s not a typo), and re-released later on Steam as paid version. My point is, don’t rate a game with 1 star just because it looks like it ripped off the gameplay from another game, it existed before.

However, the other thing why some users might be giving 1 star reviews are the ads. Or more precisely, the removal option that is only available as a service, or 4.99$ for 30 days. This is something that even big developers and publishers can’t pull off just yet, so I am not sure why small teams like this one are trying something that is considered user unfriendly. Then again, ads are not that intrusive and there are no ad-breaks between the levels, or after you die, making them entirely optional. At least that was the case while I played the game. Plus you get other “free” stuff with the subscription, not the battle pass, but stuff nevertheless.

Anyway, ads and payments aside, the gameplay is pretty fun. You control everything with only 1 finger, experience is awarded automatically per kill, and collecting coins can wait since they don’t disappear. There are plenty of perks and evolutions as well, so combining stuff to get your favorite build is very much possible. Among the coins on the ground, you might spot a piece of equipment. Pick it up, and after you clear the level you can equip it to your character for better stats.

Graphics are great, cartoonish and vivid, but occasional slowdowns are a possibility, especially if you can’t kill the enemies fast enough. There are couple of bosses guarding each segment of the level, with a final bad guy appearing in the end. Killing, looting and playing in general earns you XP that you can spend to upgrade your skill tree as well.

Check out the gameplay video I recorded where you can also see all the in-app purchases and the battlepass:

Gameplay Video


Soldiers Never Die is available only on Android. It’s a free to play title supported by ads and in-app purchases. If you can’t access the Google Play store, tap the Download APK button to get it directly on your phone.

Dejan B. – “Soldiers Never Die, Gameplay Video”

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