Gun Force: Action Shooting for Android

Gun Force: Action Shooting is a brand new run-and-gun platformer, available only on Android. The game features classic platform / bullet-hell gameplay with roguelike elements, all wrapped in 2D pixel art style. Collect unique guns and heroes, defeat bosses and get the best perks to help you conquer the evil legion.

About the game

The gameplay is pretty straight-forward. You have your heroes, deck them out with gun and gear, play and conquer the levels. Gun Force: Action Shooting is a 2D side scrolling game, and you really don’t have to overthink or plan ahead. If you get stuck with your progress, that only means that you should upgrade something.

The visuals are good, and the gameplay is smooth. Overall, Gun Force: Action Shooting is a great game for those who like action-packed shooting games. It’s easy to pick up and play, and the levels are fun and challenging. If you’re looking for a game that will keep you busy for some time, then Gun Force: Action Shooting is definitely worth checking out.

Game Features

High-Resolution Pixel Art & Exquisite Effect
Combination of dynamic 2D high-resolution pixel art in gameplay and Live 2D art characters presentation with captivating backgrounds and effects.
Random & Unique Skills
Each hero possesses unique and powerful skills that you can utilize to gain an advantage in battle along with different perks in gameplay, creating a distinct experience each time you start a new mission.
Real-time Battle
Exciting run’n’gun real-time battle combined with rouge-like elements that create unique gameplay that is easy to play, and hard to master. Be ready to hone your skill and conquer challenges.
Dynamic Heroes & Team Building
Recruit new heroes, level up your roster, and upgrade your equipment and vehicles to build up your teams. Get fully prepared before you face the powerful Legion army.
Exploration of Different Continents through Story
Travel across the continents and explore a vast world with beautiful landscapes such as forests, snow regions, deserts, volcanic active zone, and more. Experience the story and help those heroes to save the world.


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