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The Last Days is a survival game developed by Bairam Aslan. Before you ask, no it doesn’t have anything to do with the cult Spielberg movie. It’s a zombie on-rails survival shooter, involving a young girl and her backpack. She pretty much has to learn everything on her own.

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About the story

When launched, The Last Days puts you directly in your backyard. There is no intro, there are no options, no music, but that doesn’t mean there is no story.

The Great War ended with a nuclear bombing. Many cities and capitals were destroyed. The concept of civilization disappeared in that very second. As a result of the fall of the bombs, the radioactive fallout infected many of the people with terrible diseases. The lucky ones died. Others have turned into creatures that follow only one instinct – to eat. Those people who used to be called friends were now ready to cut each other’s throats for a couple of bullets or a piece of bread.

The days of fears about the possible future were gone, now everything was in reality. Only the last of us are left to defend the survival of mankind. Only the strongest survive in this world. Prove that you are one of them.

From the developer

The Last Days Android Preview & Video

The game is an “on rails” shooter. You only have indirect control of the movement, but you do have to manually aim and shoot. Zombies are pretty resilient and you must aim at their vital organs (or head) to take them down. Well, in most cases, but there are “special” enemies that have weak points.

Crafting and collecting stuff is your other concern. Thanks to your spacious backpack, you can collect materials needed to craft bullets, first aid kits and other useful things.

Graphics are excellent. The game world looks great, maybe not “next-gen”, but it will run even on lower mid-range devices. There was a partial info that the game can be played in landscape, but I couldn’t make it work. Perhaps this is a tablet only feature?

Each level represents a day survived in the post-apocalyptic world. The important thing is that if you die, you restart from the same day and not from day 1.

The Last Days Android Gameplay


Pros:On Rails ShooterConsNo intro
Pros:Nice GraphicsConsNo music
Pros:Story-DrivenConsNo options
Pros:Zombies!ConsCan be repetitive
The Last Days Pros & Cons

To download the game follow the links below. The Last Days will take around 260MB of your storage space and is available worldwide, only on Android.

Ivica K. – “The Last Days Android Preview”

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