Root Land Soft Launch Preview

Root Land is a new casual farming game, coming from Second Leap. A three person studio located near Helsinki, Finland. The game is currently in soft launch, but I made a video preview anyway. It is expected to launch soon on Android & iOS.

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About Root Land and what to expect

The game is clearly aimed at casual players, that don’t mind taking it slowly. The concept itself is something between resource management and farm building. The map is divided in many small islands, but you only get to play one from the beginning. Each new island grants new resources needed to feed your animals, or even sell the excess for profit.

As you level up, new things become available. Small gardens, new animals even new characters that will help you around the farm. For instance, Molly carries a sickle and can cut grass, while Angus has a basket that he can forage with. Later, you can upgrade Molly so she can gather too, while Angus can fish. These are only the first two characters from the 7 available and each one can perform a different tasks.

There is a task board with “missions” you get to complete and earn coins. Coins unlock and upgrade pretty much everything. Inventory management is a bit tight, especially when you unlock 4 or more islands. I suggest you upgrade that first, or early in the game.

Gameplay Video

Root Land has nice colorful 3D graphics and the touch-controls are perfectly fine for this kind of a game. There are no ads at all, at least for now, however there is an in-app store that features optional purchases. The progress is not too slow, but you will probably gain most of the game if you play it casually (maybe an hour a day). After you liberate Island No.5 from the dark roots, you can join or invite your friends to play together.

Here is a video I recorded from the first 20 minutes of the game.

Gameplay Video

Root Land is currently in soft-launch only in US and there is no info if it will be launched world-wide by the end of the year.

Martin J. – “Root Land Soft Launch Preview”

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