Syberia arrives on Android

Syberia the 2002 adventure games, considered to be a all-time masterpiece by many fans, made its way on the Android Play Store. The game developer Microïds invites all Syberia fans to join Kate Walker’s amazing journey once again on their portable Android devices.


Syberia, (not to be confused with Cyberia, that is also awesome btw) was originally released in 2002 for MS Windows, PS2 and the original Xbox. The game follows the story of the American lawyer Kate Walker as she arrives in the remote French village to close the corporal take-over deal on a automaton factory. Unfortunately, the previous factory owner Ana Voralberg dies and the only way to close the deal is for Kate to find her brother Hans who has been missing for couple of decades. Kate has no other choice but to find Hans and through this journey, she will make several encounters that will change her vision of the world for ever and reveal her true personality.

The strength of the series is to deal with human or society themes through a wonderful fanciful universe rocked by snowflakes. With Syberia, through Kate Walker’s adventure, a New York lawyer, players go on an initiatory trip where they wonder about their ability to give up their every-day life to pursue their dream.

Don’t worry about the game description being in French as Syberia is fully dubbed in both English and French, with optional subtitles in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The game requires Android device running honeycomb 3.0 or later and about 1.3 Gigabytes of storage space.


Syberia (Full)
Syberia (Full)
Developer: Anuman
Price: $4.99



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