Santa Rockstar vs Aliens

Although Christmas came and went so fast, the new year eve is over and we are slowly getting back to our usual school/work routine, Santa is still being held captive on a strange alien worlds and needs your help to get out. This is Santa Rockstar and he hates aliens.


Santa in a whole new avatar this Christmas.  More muscular and with armed with a machine gun to battle through a lot of aliens to make it to Christmas! Santa has to defeat aliens on 5 worlds. As you play each world, you will earn Santa Rockstar gifts to unlock the other worlds. Santa has access to three different types of guns to enhance shooting power that is the Rifle, machine gun and bazooka of which only the rifle has unlimited ammunition. The machine gun has rapid firing capabilities whereas the bazooka causes most damage to the aliens.

As you probably guess, Santa Rockstar vs Aliens is a top down alien shooter ala Crimsonland style. You take control of Santa and his 3 weapon types and you start shooting aliens. That is all you need to know. Only the first world is accessible in the beginning and to unlock the rest, Santa will have to collect all the presents dropped by the evil aliens. The control scheme is a bit unusual as the game doesn’t offer dual-stick controls. Instead, you get a virtual stick on the left and the fire button on the right which means you can’t rotate and shoot without moving your character.

Otherwise, Santa Rockstar vs Aliens is ad-supported free to play game that takes up only 16 mb of storage space and can be played on pretty much any (2.2 or later) Android device.

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