Surfatron an Endless Action Racer coming to Android and iOS in few days

Surfatron is an adrenaline pumping endless arcade racer that will be released on Android and iOS in couple of days. The game was developed by “Not Even Entertainment” and published by no other than 3D Realms themselves. The release is scheduled for June 7, on the Google Play and iOS App Stores.




Surfatron is a spin-off from Rad Rodgers: World One, a popular platformer available on Steam. In this game, Rad and his faithful console “Dusty” are somehow trapped inside the TV, inside the retro themed “Pixelverse”. To get out, they will have to navigate electrical paths, avoid enemies, collect pick-ups and most importantly stay ahead of the “Ugly-Ass-Mofo” that chases them for… reasons…

There are gear and abilities upgrades available by completing challenges and objectives. Customization of the gear part will be a strong feature of the game as items can complement each other well, rewarding experimentation.



“We’ve always been fans of ‘90s attitude and loved the idea of a behind-the-scenes look inside gaming,” said Marc Pilgaard, CEO of Not Even Entertainment. “Dusty’s white-knuckle adventure through the Pixelverse gives a chance to explore that with our players.”

Surfatron will be free to play on both platforms, but will feature optional ads to reduce wait timers on new gear. Microtransactions will also be there for instant unlocking items by spending the in-game virtual currency.


The game should be available at the link below on June 7th.

Surfatron Google Play


Source: Press Release

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