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Infinity Ripple

Infinity Ripple is an arcade game that takes an old and several times seen main character – a worm, or a snake – and put it in a brand new gameplay situation.



-Drag your finger on the lower part of the screen to move the worm left and right, through many oniric, colorful scenarios.
-Shun the sundry enemies, slither in between them and catch the glowing lights in order to grow the worm.
-The longer it gets, the more difficult the game become. But you’ll also earn more points.
-Shoot enemies, but remember: any shot is a piece of you going away, so don’t overdo it!
-Warning: can be frustrating!

–Compete with other players to climb the global raking– ♛



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Infinity Ripple
Infinity Ripple
Developer: Loner Cat
Price: Free
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