If the first thing that crosses your mind after reading the title is the popular meme that has been around for a while, you are right. Super Doggo Snack Time is a game inspired by the viral videos of silly pups who fail to catch treats tossed at them. The game is out on Android and iOS.




Your Corgi is your love, but unfortunately he is not a very smart pup. Your job is to catch all the food falling to his mouth and fill up his belly. One thing though, he doesn’t really like broccoli so try to avoid it. The more you eat, the bigger the chances are for you to unlock ridiculous outfits and dress up the (already silly looking) dog with hats, sunglasses and more.



The game is casual and implements a system of tap, hold, and release at the right time touch optimized controls. It can be played with one finger and will work in offline mode as well. There are plenty of achievements to unlock, leaderboards to top and selfies to share. Supper Doggo Snack Time is free to play with optional in-app purchases. To download it, follow the link bellow.



* Simple one finger gameplay with a heckin’ high skill cap!
* Customize your look with over 15,000 variations of ridiculous outfits!
* Take on fleek doggo selfies to share that ensemble with friends!
* Unlock over 75 types of wearables from Shutter Shades to a Taco Hat, Tiara, Monocle, and more!
* Complete epic missions to collect shiny coins!
* Earn achievements and compete against your friends on the leaderboard
* Play without internet, offline, on an airplane, in a dog house, anywhere!
* Test your reflexes with simple tap & hold controls
* Endless amounts of dog fun!
* Free to play – with optional in-app purchases

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Super Doggo Snack Time
Super Doggo Snack Time
Developer: Fiveamp
Price: Free
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