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Flame Knight: Roguelike RPG

This is a science fiction themed arcade shooting game, providing you the most heady shooting experience together with classic Roguelike features such as dungeon questing, gathering and mining.

One day, an exotic starship from outer space crashed on Earth. Inside the starship, people have found a functional portal in which human adventurers could use to teleport, but the destinations were unpredictable. It could be a distant outer space dungeon, an uncharted dark cave, or the cargo hold of a ghost ship …
You’re going to explore random maps like a hunter, fighting fiercely against all kinds of unknown creatures or giant Bosses, while collecting many special weapons and prized talismans. The only way to get the fun is to play it!


Game Features
– Arcade game with heady shooting experience
– Various interesting weapons with different functions
– Dual-wielding system allowing you to equip different guns on both of your hands to fit multiple attack strategies.
– Roguelike RPG themed game with randomly generated maps
– Featuring classic Roguelike elements such as exploration and gathering in dungeons and caves
– Numerous hidden secrets for you to find out
– Mining system allows you to unearth and claim all kinds of talismans
– Character leveling system which you can spend attributes to powerup your character
– Various items to expand the gaming experience
– Vintage tile-based pixel art graphics
– Stay tuned for more



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Dungeon Knight: Roguelike Game
Dungeon Knight: Roguelike Game
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