Super Baseball League Review

Super Baseball League is a brand new Android game (iOS too) developed by HAEGIN Co., Ltd. It’s cartoony, vivid and fun attempt to introduce this sport to the masses, even if you live in part of the world where Baseball is not particularly popular.

Super Baseball League Gameplay

The game looks quite decent, with charming caricature-like characters, colorful stadiums and easy to learn, hard to master controls. You start off at the bottom, but you have a chance to rise above the mediocracy and rule the leaderboard.

To make this happen, you will have to gather new players, but also level up the ones you already have. This is accomplished by collecting cards, experience points, gold and gems. Each match you win gets you a little closer to the top and rewards you with boxes that provide valuable improvements.

The controls are smooth and easy to learn, but hard to master. The strike-zone is clearly labeled in the beginning, just so you can get used to it. Later however, when you start facing 90+ OVR opponents, things are getting tricky. There are couple of pitching styles available and players will often excel at some and underperform at other. Balance and finger precision are the two aspects that you have to master and progress further.

Is it online only?

Yes and no. The main aspect of the game is the online 1 vs 1 real time PvP multiplayer league. This is where you earn money, experience and coins. Your only goal is to win. Matches are fast and won’t take more than 5 minutes each. Depending on a random chance (home vs away), you either start pitching or batting. This can be a problem since pitching was much easier compared to batting, for me at least.

There is some single player content that you can play (story mode), but it uses an energy system that rechargers too slowly. So I won’t consider playing it just yet as the rewards are considerably worse (compared to multiplayer).


Super Baseball League does provide quite a lot of content for free. There are no annoying ads and purchasing something from the in-game store is completely optional. Until you reach higher tier in the league. There is a battle pass (free and paid), some cosmetics and a lot of stuff that is based on chance (loot boxes). To see the entire offering, check out the video I recorded.

Super Baseball League – Gameplay and in app store

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or on tap tap. Looks great and runs great, so if baseball is something you want to play – check it out. No serious complaints here.

Super Baseball League
Price: Free

Ivica Kiwin – “Super Baseball League Review”

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