NBA Clash 2022 Early Preview

Before you say it, I know I know. There are numerous videos of “NBA Clash” on YouTube by the same developer. However, this is not that. Or it rather is, but will be released as a new game with updated graphics, rosters and everything else. Here is my “preview” of NBA Clash 2022. This is an officially licensed NBA title.

NBA Clash 2022 edition

Why or how does an older game with the same name exist, I don’t know. And I am not going to speculate. All I know is that NBA Clash (2022) will be released by Nifty Games Inc in near future. For now it is only available in certain regions – France, Italy, UK, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Canada. So yes, it is a “soft-launch”. The current version of the game is 0.14, but that is quite irrelevant for this article.


From what I could see with my own eyes, gameplay is butter-smooth. Don’t judge by the video please, it really looks different in person. When decisions were flying in the meeting room, someone probably mentioned “we should use gestures as controls”. That man was right, give that man a cookie.

Sure, gestures are not as glamorous as direct on-screen controls (or gamepad), but in this case it was the right call. Since you play in portrait mode, you can also play with one hand – if your thumb is long enough. It’s simple and fun, gets the job done.

However there is a slight problem. Because players and the ball are so tiny, you end up covering important details of the gameplay at least 80% of the time. Unless you have transparent fingers, in that case disregard this.

NBA Clash gameplay I recorded

What else?

Graphics are fine, there are no intrusive ads and you can progress without even peaking inside the in-game shop. But! That can change. The game is in soft-launch, but the developers aren’t done tweaking and tuning… well… everything.

How it will turn out in the end, I can’t know. I can’t even make an educated guess since Nifty Games don’t have any other games released. This is probably their debut title, if so I wish them luck in their future endeavors.

For now, unless you live in the regions mentioned, you can only pre-register and wait, or follow the game on Facebook. This time there is nothing on TapTap, sorry. NBA Clash 2022 will release on Android and iOS – soon (I hope).

Dejan B. – “NBA Clash 2022 Early Preview”

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