Disney Mirrorverse Rift Raids update

Disney Mirrorverse receives the Rift Raids update, a social feature for Alliances that encourages players to work together to climb the ranks and earn the highest rewards. Should be live right now.

What’s new in Rift Raids

Aside from the social aspect, the update brings in an updated roster with two new characters. Hades and Cruella De Vil from the Disney Villains franchise.

You can earn points by completing Rift Raid events. If you manage to kill the Gatekeeper who holds the key, you unlock the next highest Rift Tier. Each tier unlocked scales in difficulty, but also grants more points.

You can read the dev. diary here and learn more about the mechanics.

Guardian Biographies

Hades – Commander of the Underworld
Sarcastically cruel and explosively volatile, Hades now has more on his mind than just caretaking souls. For this mind is now amplified to where he is capable of commanding the denizens of his Underworld realm like an army, a godly general whom these forces unquestioningly obey.

Cruella De Vil  – Devilish Queen of Crime
Known throughout her Mirrorverse world as the Queen of Crime, Cruella is infamous for her high-flying capers and daring escapades. And if any meddling dog do-gooders get too close, she carries a sonic disruptor that sends them running. This weapon is also handy for shattering Fractured, making her valuable as a Guardian whether the Guardians like it or not!

Disney Multiverse is available on Android and iOS. You can download the game from the Play Store link below. If you can’t do it (because of your region), head over to TapTap and get it from their store instead. To find out more details about the entire 2.0 update, tap here.

Disney Mirrorverse
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