Super Baseball League brings Confrontation Mode

Mobile game company Haegin has announced that it will bring Confrontation to the mobile casual sports game “Super Baseball League”. Club Confrontation is played with squads of club players, not individual users, and 13 users can register 1 player each for the squad.

The lineup consists of 9 batters, 1 starting pitcher, and 3 relief pitchers for a total of 13 players, with only Club Executives and Managers able to register the final lineup. Duplicate players cannot be registered for the squad.

Club Confrontation, which will only be open for limited times, will have clubs face off against each other with their strongest lineup of players. Matches will be conducted in a 1v1 PvP format. Gold and CP (Club Points) will be rewarded based on the result of the game, and Honor Points, as well as Boxes containing Gold, Player Cards, and Star Pieces, will be automatically be awarded based on the Confrontation rankings.

Additionally, Super Baseball League will introduce the primary 3rd baseman, secondary assist thrower, and midfielder, as well as improvements to the main lobby UI, attendance reward system, practice rewards, star player experience gain, and draw prizes, and various in-game content. .

Super Baseball League
Super Baseball League
Developer: HAEGIN Co., Ltd.
Price: Free

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