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Death Party : 7 Challenges

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Everyone in the world wants to make a lot of money and become rich
If you are untalented or unlucky, join the game called “Death Party” where you can completely make your dreams come true.

There are 77 people participating in the survival game, the one who overcomes all the challenges and survives in the end will be the winner and claim the reward of 777,777,777 Dollars.
Fight or die. Each challenge player will receive Golden Ticket

1. FIRE SKULL: The simplest first challenge. Use dexterity, precision to put the flint in the hole and burn the skull. Also confirm you are officially eligible to participate in the game
Fire Skull : Easy

2. THE WATCHER : You have to cross the road with the walls of deadly dangerous thorns closing. You can only move when the sound is off, the guardians are watching you, if you don’t stop in time you will die. You have to fight against time to reach your destination before it’s too late
The Watch : Hard

3. DANCE BATTLE: Two teams compete in endurance and physical strength. Everyone stood on the high glass pieces, on the ground were deadly spikes waiting. Always dancing, always moving, whoever has no strength will be eliminated. At the end of the time, the team with the most survivors will win
Dance Battle : Hard

4. SHUFFLE HEADS: The challenge requires your keen eye, your ability to observe. Look closely at the box and make the right choice. If you choose wrong, your head will be the item for the next turn
Shuffle Heads : Normal

5. TUG OF WAR : Use all your strength to push the opponent back, or you will die
Tug Of War : Normal

6. WRONG TURN: You have to cross the deadly bridge, the river of poison, you have to choose the right fire to keep moving.
Wrong Turn : Very Hard

7. RUSSIAN ROULETTE: The last two survivors will challenge each other. Russian Roulette is a game of skill and luck. Kill the enemy, be the last one to survive and win
Russian Roulette : Normal

After you have passed all the challenges, you already own 7 Golden Tickets, use Golden Tickets to exchange for special dishes in the party.
Enjoy special food and win rewards

– Challenge game survival , crazy games
– Beautiful 3D Graphics
– Multiple beautiful sound effects
– Epic music

Blue Squid: The Challenge
Blue Squid: The Challenge
Developer: AiAi Studio
Price: Free

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