It’s not often that we see a full fledged multiplatform game release on Android, however there are exceptions. 10tons introduces Dysmantle, an action RPG game that is already quite popular (and liked) on the PC platform. After Steam and GoG versions raked favorable reviews, Dysmantle 1.0 finally arrives on the Google Play Store.

Dysmantle is a post apocalyptic ARPG game that lets you destroy almost anything around you. Quite literally, your goal is to survive and escape the wretched island. To do that, you will have to fight, explore, craft, fish or even solve puzzles in the post-apocalyptic world and find remnants of the high-tech era that once was.

While Dysmantle IS a survival ARPG at its core, the developers are claiming that you won’t spend all your time trying not to starve or maintain status quo, in other words you won’t starve to death. Instead, you will level up and unlock powerful permanent upgrades and enjoy the bittersweet apocalypse.

The game is already live on the play store, but keep in mind that if you own Dysmantle on any other platform, cross-saves are unfortunately not supported. This is certainly a feature we would like to see implemented in some future update.

Developer: 10tons Ltd
Price: $10.99

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