Starling Fall – strange, strange new world

Lionfish Apps are developers that usually make apps and utility software for our Android devices, but this time, they decided to test their skill by making their first game ever, Starling Fall. A fast paced arcade game featuring retro pixel art style.


Starling Fall is a game that requires swift reflexes and fast movement. You, the nameless hero, crash land on a strange barren satellite after your “Starling S-197” personal aircraft suffers a fatal malfunction. As soon as you leave your cockpit, multiple orbs in different color start bombarding the satellite’s surface. You quickly realize that the green ones can be used to repair your ship, so you decide to collect them all and escape before it’s too late.

Starling Fall features on-screen controls that are easy to master and won’t cause any trouble when fast movement is required to avoid some of the deadly purple projectiles. Google game services are fully supported, providing achievements and global leaderboard access. The game will run smoothly on most devices running Android 2.3 and later and will occupy about 15 megabytes of storage space. This pixelated time-waster can be yours for a symbolic price of $0.99.



[tab:Game Features]

–Fast paced side scrolling action
–Awesome power-ups
–Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards


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