Jungle Cafe – Monkey Business

Here is a brand new game for all the time-management fans out there. Once again, your job is to successfully take customer orders, serve their food and collect the money as fast as possible. Plot-twist, your customers are monkeys and your restaurant is a Jungle Cafe.


Jungle Cafe plays as pretty much any other restaurant themed time-management game. You are the waiter/owner who makes all customer wished come true by getting their orders right (and on time) and collecting their money that can be used to purchase various upgrades for the restaurant and improve the overall customer satisfaction. Each level has a target goal (of money earned) that awards even more coins if you complete it before the time runs out.

Jungle Cafe is free to play game, supported by ads that you can see while navigating the menus, but never during the actual gameplay. It takes about 16 mb of storage space and runs on Android version 2.2 or later. The adorable characters blend in perfectly with the colorful graphics and you almost feel bad for taking their money. Check it out from the link below.


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