Quick Look on Neon Beat, not your typical breakout clone

Ever since the dawn of arcade games, one particular title keeps returning in many forms and variations. The breakout game is perhaps a genre of its own and needless to say, one of the most popular arcade games ever created. Neon Beat is a nice remake developed by ”¬†Gripati Digital Entertainment ” that tends to change the rules – just a bit – to keep you interested and waste considerable amounts of your time.


So yes, the game itself is a variation of Breakout, but instead of the classic “paddle” used to bounce the ball off, you get a hyped ball on steroids running around the edge of your screen. That being said, you can’t really “drain” the ball since it has nowhere to go, but you can lose the game if your time runs out before you destroy all the blocks sitting in the center of the screen. The ball keeps running laps until you tap the screen (anywhere) and launch it towards the center in an attempt to break as many blocks as possible.

There are various power-ups hiding behind some of the blocks that can impact the outcome of the level greatly (full list in Game Features tab below). About 60 different levels are at your disposal, out of which every 5th level is presented to you as a pixelated “boss fight” that needs to be cleared before you can proceed further. Your level progress will also be awarded with additional goodies such as bigger balls and colorful backgrounds that also require a certain amount of diamonds (a currency that can only be gathered by playing).

Neon Beat is free to play. There are no IAPs (as far as I can tell) and ads are only visible while navigating the main menu. The gameplay itself is fast and addicting, albeit a bit challenging (no, the numbers in the background are not seconds). Hitting the right angle in order to clear some of the remaining blocks can be tricky and misreading the clock in the background while trying to nail that last block in the middle will just add fuel to the fire. Nevertheless, the game was designed to provide substantial amounts of fun and it does exactly that. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointment, follow the download link below.

[tab:Download] [tab:Game Features]

– Diamond: Gives you extra 100 Diamonds
– Scale Up: Makes neon ball bigger
– Time Wrap: Beat counter will slow down
– Speed Up: Neon ball runs faster
– Clones: Gives you extra 2 one shot balls
– Bomb: Clear a range of blocks
– Lightning: Generate 4 balls to clear four direction
– Fireball: Neon ball starts to clean blocks from one side to other
– Scale Down: Makes Neon ball smaller
– Speed Down: Neon Ball runs slower



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