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Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice

Lunagames announced today the release of their latest title Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice, an endless 2D runner game with retro-style graphics that should please even the pickiest pixel junkies out there. Get ready to master your spirit powers, conquer the elements and top the leaderboards.


Spirit Run – Fire and Ice will not only make you jump and slide around to survive, but goes a step further by dividing the obstacles in two separate categories – ice and fire. The elemental spirit you control has the ability to change its form instantly in order to match the obstacle elements and pass right through them. The goal of the game is to get as far as possible while collecting various elemental orbs to multiply your score.

The controls are fairly simple to understand as you only get 3 invisible buttons (screenshot below), but mastering the gameplay is an entirely different matter. The game is quite challenging and will require great deal of concentration and sharp reflexes if you intend to stay alive for more than a couple of seconds or place your name on top of the leaderboard. Luckily, you can keep dying and restarting the level for as many times as you like without any timer-based restrictions.


Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice can be downloaded for free and there are no IAP’s inside, despite Google Play claiming otherwise. Ads can be seen occasionally right after you lose the game, but their appearance will not affect the gameplay in any way. They will simply slide-in and out smoothly without causing any trouble or leaving ugly residue on the screen, although they can’t be disable completely at the moment. Check out the video tab below and head over to the Play Store to download the game.

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[tab:Download Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice]

[tab:Game Features]

– Endless platforming fun
– Beautiful retro-style graphics
– Transform to escape traps
– Leaderboards
– Handy tutorial level


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