Snail Crusher launched on the Play Store

The indie developer “games2be” announced the release of Snail Crusher, a casual arcade game where players can collect treasure chests from a garden infested with slimy snails. Needless to say, snails are evil and will kill your character instantly if touched.

snail-crusherThe cute little eye-thingy is your main character that (for some reason) lives in a small beautiful garden where treasure chests materialize out of thin air. There is only one problem standing between him and his gold addiction, the snails. They also appear out of nowhere and start wondering around the garden aimlessly, multiplying and growing like bunnies on steroids. Luckily, this magical garden holds yet another mystery, the blue mushrooms that, when consumed, will turn our cute eye-thingy into a massive ball of death.

Your primary goal in Snail Crusher is to collect as many treasure chests as you can before the snails kill you. The controls are tilt based and easy to get a hold of, but can be a bit tricky while trying to avoid the enemies that suddenly appear in front of you. Since your mushroom is your only protection, use it wisely to clear the screen whenever you feel that there is no more space left to maneuver your eye-ball-thingy around.

Snail Crusher can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. While there are no IAPs or timers attached, ads are visible during the gameplay, but won’t cover any crucial part of the screen and can easily be ignored. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to remove them permanently and there is no “premium” version of the game available for purchase on the Play Store. Follow the link below and download the game to start building your snail crushing career today.

Ivica Kiwi

[tab:Download Snail Crusher]

Snail Crusher
Snail Crusher
Developer: games2be
Price: Free

[tab:Game Features]

– Simple, addicting gameplay.
– Easy to pick up tilt controls.
– Tweet your high-scores.
– 100% Indie and 100% FREE


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