LabRATory goes free to play

To celebrate the 10 Million App Downloads milestone, Tivola Publishing decided to remove the price tag from LabRATory, making it free to download and play for everyone. This cute puzzler (developed by BuboGames) featuring lab rats and crazy contraptions was also nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Casual Mobile Game” in 2013.


The goal in this 2D labyrinth action game is to guide the hungry rats to a piece of delicious cheese by altering their path and to avoid killing them in the process. There are plenty of obstacles on each level including lasers, force fields, helpful portals, stompers and even gravity switches, plus a healthy number of power-ups that can make your rats invulnerable or alter their running speed. To keep you busy, LabRATory offers 80 achievements and over 100 levels featuring different labyrinths that get bigger and more complicated with each level passed.

LabRATory can be downloaded for free as promised, but the developers decided to implement some ads visible while browsing the main menu. They will never appear while playing or alter the gameplay in any way. Android users can get their copy from the Play Store for free (link below), or visit the Amazon appstore and buy the game for $1.99 (presumably without any ads), while iOS users can can find it for free on iTunes.

[tab:Download LabRATory] [tab:Game Features]

– Test your skills in over a hundred amazing and carefully designed levels!
– Compete with your friends on the highscore board via Game Center!
– Get up to four special buttons to reach the cheese!
– Two modes in one game: Survival and Timing!


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