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EightPixelsSquare today introduced the latest major content update to its hit AAA mobile modern military first-person shooter, SNIPER STRIKE: SPECIAL OPS. The update will be rolling out at midnight, Thursday 25 January 2018 and among the other thing, introduces two new PvP environments.

The new campaign zone will take the players to the Middle East and will offer 70 new missions, new enemies, weapons and battle gear. The two new PvP  environments will take place in London and Siberia zones, along with the new emoji system that allows players to send animated taunts during PvP battles.

Since originally launched in November 2017, Sniper Strike : Special Ops counts around 1.5 million downloads, from over 160 countries around the world and the PvP is still going strong.


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The corruption of the Elite Order is spreading!
● 70 new missions. Take down Warhead, the new enemty faction operating in Baghdad!
● 2 New PvP Maps. Fight through London & Siberia.
● New Zone 3 Gear, Weapons and Cards!
● Congratulate or mock the skills of your online opponent with Emoji Taunts!
● Keep up to date with the latest intel via the News System.
● Lots of PvP improvements and fixes to stability, matchmaking, results, etc.
● Misc usability, stability, balancing and bug fixes.



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