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Hidden Objects Vikings: Picture Puzzle Viking Game

Welcome to the land of the Vikings! Hidden Objects Vikings is a picture puzzle Viking game where you find hidden objects in photos of Viking villages, Viking sagas, and Norse mythology games! Download free hidden object games for Android and expand your Viking kingdom into a Viking empire!

Wear your Viking horned helmet, get familiar with Viking mythology, listen to Viking tales and learn to read and write runes while you explore the hidden object world of the Hidden Objects Vikings app! Invoke Odin the Allfather or Thor, son of Odin that carries a hammer, to help you become the best mystery detective in these hidden objects adventure games! The sound of the Viking horn, Viking war cry and Nordic Viking music, and the clatter of the Viking shield and Viking axe will turn you into a real berserker or shield maiden and help you complete this Viking quest to look for objects in pictures of dragon-headed longships, the Valhalla mead hall, and ancient Nordic temples!

Play Hidden Objects Vikings, seek and find hidden objects, and learn new English words daily while solving mysteries and adventure puzzles. Test your speed and improve reflexes by playing the time challenge and try to find different objects in a picture before the time expires. Apart from learning new words daily, you can test your English and learn other languages by switching them in the game language changer of the menu. Discover the world of the greatest warriors in history and train your brain in order to improve your vocabulary! This is a mix of games to improve concentration with puzzle finding games where you can challenge your friends to a viking battle!



2000+ objects!
Magnificent graphics!
Catchy melodies!
Hints – when you need help!
Zoom feature – for mobile phones!
Free of charge!
100 % anti-boredom!

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