Sniper 3D Rust is now available

Sniper 3D Rust is a sniper sharpshooter game released by Zutan, an Indian (Gujarat) based game developer that focuses on mobile, VR and cross platform games. Their latest game features an on-going event where new players get extra 2500 in-game coins to boost their mercenary careers.


Sniper 3D Rust


The game was released today, on both Android and iOS. For now, there are only two game modes available, but the developers are promising more content to come in the next few months.


  • A Single-Player Campaign of three chapters and unique locales paying homage to classic first-person shooters,


  • A 15-Wave Zombie Survival Mode for all-out RVS/Minigun-fueled warfare,



There are couple of tools at your disposal, including AS-369, AV.90, J49, RVS and the Minigun, especially effective in stopping zombie onslaughts. Chaining head-shots, beating the timer and dropping zombies fast will yield coins that you can spend on new guns and ammo types.



Zatun is planing to release a beefy campaign updates, adding additional chapters, mission objectives and game modes such as Air Strikes and WWII-era weaponry. The game is free to download from the Play Store and requires Android version 4.1 or later.



Source: Press Release

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Sniper 3D Rust
Sniper 3D Rust
Developer: Zatun
Price: Free
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