Heirs of the Kings for Android Released

KEMCO just announced the release of their latest RPG games – Heirs of the Kings. The game should hit the Play Store today and as special release promotion, the price will be slashed down to $4.99 from $7.99 (for a limited time).


Heirs of the Kings


The story in this classic JRPG, revolves around Laura, a girl who lost her memory. On top of that she is being hunted by unknown soldiers. Grant, a young boy who left his father behind is on a quest to protect Laura and help her through the journey ahead. The strange part is, although Laura lost all her memories, she can still use high-level magic. Grant’s father seems to know something about this and will attempt to guide them both in a quest to save the world.



Strengthen Abilities with Soul Maps

Each character has their own unique Soul Map. You can select and strengthen abilities as you desire. Soul maps expand alongside character growth. Develop the party members’ abilities just as you wish!


Weapon Customization and Arenas

The game is full of satisfying content! Collect material to customize your weapons. Test your strength at one of the Arenas!


Theme Song

The game features a theme song sung by Eri Kitamura, famous as a voice actor in Japanese animation!


Since KEMCO is primarily targeting the Japanese market, they only tested the game on phones available there. This means that they cannot guarantee full support on Android devices available worldwide. For what it’s worth, Heirs of the Kings should work on any droid running version 4.1 (ICS) or later. If you’re a fan of the genre and KEMCO games in general, follow the link below and grab it before the promotion ends. The game is available in English and Japanese.

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Source: Press Release

Premium-RPG Heirs of the Kings
Premium-RPG Heirs of the Kings
Developer: KEMCO
Price: $7.99
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