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Smash Bandits Racing – a crazy getaway racer lands on the Play Store

Hutch Games released the 3rd game (2nd on Android) from the Smash series where your only goal is to smash everything and stay alive as much as possible. In Smash Bandits Racing, you are playing as the delinquent driver who lives in a world where smashing material goods equals easy profits.


Smashing other people’s properties, however, has its drawbacks as every country-side cop will try to arrest your behind once you hit the streets. Avoid them, crash into them for extra profit, smash everything else and follow the checkpoints. Easy? Perhaps, on the first few levels. Once your “wanted” level goes up, special cops from “the agency” will arrive to bring you down. The cash you collect can be used to upgrade your car or purchase a newer, faster model.

Your ultimate goal, beside having a blast, is to start earning big and get your hands on the Hennessey Venom GT. Controlling the car is as easy as it can be. The game requires only one of your fingers for steering (big arch on the bottom), and occasional tapping to ram the cop cars trying to overtake you. There is no need for manual acceleration at all and if you want to stop your car at some point (no need for this really), just lift your finger from the steering arch.

Smash Bandits Racing is a free to play, IAP supported title. There are no ads and the game won’t really force any in-app purchases while playing. The premium currency (bandit chips) used for continues and special events (e.g. steal cop car) can be purchased from the store, while regular money needed for upgrades can be gathered while playing. The game also supports Google Game Services, offering 20 achievements and global leaderboards access. Get it from the link below.





[tab:Download Smash Bandits Racing]
Smash Bandits Racing
Smash Bandits Racing
Developer: Hutch Games
Price: Free
[tab:Game Features]

Key Features:

– Smash Everything
– Upgrade & Outrun
– Innovative one-finger Control
– Challenges
– Achievements and Leaderboards
– Free to Play


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