Flood Rush – save the cute monkey

A brand new jumping game comes from “Black Feather Games”, a developer located in the rainy England. Flood Rush is a vertical platformer where you get to save the little monkey from drowning and help real life flood victims in England prevent future flooding in affected areas.


The gameplay is simple, jump on the platforms and try to escape the raising flood. You do this by swiping your finger across the screen where the direction and the length of the swipe will determinate your landing point. This may sound easy, but it gets more complicated once you pass the first level and see some of the evil clouds heading your way. They will either push you (wind cloud), raise the flood faster (rain cloud), or even stun you (storm cloud). If possible, players should avoid them at all cost.

quoteIn addition to creating a challenging and addicting game, we’re excited to be helping out our local communities who have suffered from the floods in England – said, Martin Garnett. – Because of that, every penny we earn from Flood Rush will be donated to back into the community.

Flood Rush can be download from the Play Store for about $1.0 (price may vary) and the developer promised that 100% of the profit will be donated back to charities. The game is also available on the iTunes, while the Windows Phone version should be released in couple of weeks. To find out more and check the total amount of money raised, visit, or download the game directly from the Play Store.

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