Shot Online Golf: World Championship

Webzen inc. – a global developer and publisher of free to play game announces that their latest game “Shot Online Golf: World Championship” is now released on the Play Store. The game is available worldwide, including North America and Europe.


Shot Online Golf


Following the soft launch in Canada, Australia, Latin America and Southeast Asia, Shot Online Golf: World Championship should now be available everywhere in the world. The game is a spin-off from Shot Online, the legendary PC Golf MMO and brings authentic golfing experience to players through their mobile devices.


To celebrate the global launch, Webzen included two global events in the game. A special daily login bonus will be available to all players in the next 7 days and a Hole-Cup event that will provide extra amounts of gold (the in-game currency).

SHOTONLINE GOLF:World Championship

Shot Online Golf: World Championship is also teaming up with the Shot Online team for their cross promotion between both games. Shot Online’s users can not only play the game on their mobile devices but also receive special benefits for this new mobile game.


Here are some of the features from the game:


Betting Challenge: Compete in 1v1 real-time matches with players worldwide!

Academy: Improve your skills and challenge the boss!

Short Game: Participate in competitions with other users!

Strengthen your club and become a better golfer!

Choose your own clothes and customize your character!

Use skills and win holes!



If you are fan of the sport, you can download the game for free from the Play Store link below.


Source: Press Release

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