Light a Way

Light a Way is an Android game featuring a brave little girl with a life mission to clean the world engulfed in darkness. It is a clicker, or rather tapper set in a mystical world filled with magical artifacts, glowing “Lumis” and mighty auras. You are the light bringer and the only hope for the dark tainted lands. Are you up for it?


Light a Way Gameplay


Although there is no big story here, it does revolve around a little girl and her staff. One day “the darkness” simply decided to attack your lands and corrupt everything. You, your fairies and the adorable Lumi friends will try to channel the powers of light and clear the world one stage at a time. You do this by tapping (of course). Regular monsters cannot harm you, but bosses can put you in a “limbo” state if you don’t kill them in 30 seconds. While inside the limbo, you can continue killing regular enemies to grow stronger and increase your level and once ready, try to beat the boss again and continue your journey onward.



Beside your light powered staff, the little girl is accompanied by three fairies. A red one, a blue one and a green one. The fairies are actually the ones doing damage when tapping and they can be leveled up independently. Every few level-ups you can make a bond with one of them, increasing their damage and special abilities. The second helper is called “Lumi Lantern” which also has three helpers with different skills and levels.




There are two main currencies. The primary one is “stardust” which is used to level up your main character, as well as your helpers and their abilities. The second currency, the Diamonds, are used to gain some extra spells, open chests with cosmetic and other kind of items or simply exchange them to gain more stardust. You can gather diamonds by playing, completing achievements or tapping a passing phoenix bird and watching an ad. Light a Way is perfectly playable even if you don’t intend to spend money on the game. The diamonds are there to simply speed things up a bit if you feel like the progress is too slow.



Light a Way is free to download from the Play Store. There are in-game offers, but no forced ads that you cannot skip. To download the game follow the link below. The recent update introduces couple of Easter related events and you will get a nice secret bonus to celebrate the amazing number of 500,000 pre-registrations. The game works in offline mode too.



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