Fist of Truth Review

Fist of Truth is finally out of soft-launch and fully released on the Play Store. This is another TCG with cute animations and graphic style that personally reminded me of “Kingdom Rush”. The game is free to play and according to many reviews on the Play Store, “quite generous” (at least for now).


Fist of Truth Gameplay


We are looking at a standard turn-based tactical game here. The battlefield is represented by two fists punching each-other. The left fist is yours, while the other one belongs to your opponent. Each fist has 9 squares where you can place your units that will attack anything on the opposite side, or the “hero” if there is nothing in their way. The battle sequence always goes from top to bottom and from front to back. This means your first line of defense is the first column and that’s where you should place disposable units, while rare and more powerful creatures should always go in the back. The game is over when you run out of turns, or one of the heroes health reaches 0.



The cards can be collected in couple of different ways. By playing the campaign, opening booster packs or completing assignments. There are only 2 basic type of cards, creatures and spells. While it may sound simple, this actually gives the game a certain level of consistency and is by no means “shallow”. One key difference in the gameplay mechanics that separates Fist of Truth from the others is the “sacrifice” option. You can sacrifice any card in your deck for 1 extra mana that turn and again, while it does sound simplistic, it is a well-thought maneuver implemented by the developers.

Fist of Truth
Booster Pack


Fist of Truth Multiplayer and Campaigns


You will have to start your gameplay by finishing couple of campaign missions, before you jump in PvP. The developers are claiming that there are over 500 stages across 8 campaigns where you can practice and collect resources. Personally, I couldn’t verify if those 8 campaigns are free or not, as I couldn’t finish the game in a week, but let’s take their word on it.



After you level up a bit, you can start purchasing booster packs and optimizing your deck. Once ready, you can try your luck and skills against other players in real time PvP combat. At first, you will only be able to enter a quick-match, but later you can unlock the tournament mode as well.

Fist of Truth
Crushing Your Opponent


Currencies and IAP’s


The gold you gather from winning matches (either campaign or PvP) can be used to purchase booster packs. The basic “starter pack” costs only 120 gold, the “expert” pack costs 200 etc. Some packs require diamonds as well. This is the second currency that can either be obtained by completing assignments, daily logins or bought in bulk from the in-app store.  The third sub-currency is the green dust that you can spend in the “Adventure shop” to purchase individual cards. Other in-app purchases include items that will double your income, give more diamonds etc.

Fist of Truth
Booster Packs


Fist of Truth is fast. Because of the simplistic graphics and good optimizations, the game simply “flows”. There are little to no slowdown in the menus and almost no loading time (except when searching for opponents online). The game needs a bit more polish around the edges and perhaps some translation corrections.

The most important thing is that Fist of Truth stands out from the crowd and is fun to play. Since it also happens to be free, go ahead and download it from the link below.

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Fist of Truth - Magic Storm
Fist of Truth - Magic Storm
Developer: Funcell
Price: Free+
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