Shopping Mall Parking – park like a pro

As part of the ongoing campaign “Adopt an Idiot“, that relieves parking related frustrations from around the world, the developers from “DevilishGames” released a brand new parking simulator where you can practice your parking skills to avoid finding your picture on their website.


Your job in Shopping Mall Parking is, of course, to park your car correctly without hitting anything on your way to the parking spot. Do it right, do it fast, and you get to play the next level. The game features realistic physics that vary depending on the car model you currently play with. Accelerometer steering is supported, but if you don’t like leaning your expensive device left and right, you can always turn it off and use the on-screen buttons instead.

Shopping Mall Parking is ad supported game. Ads are visible while playing and they cover the upper-most part of the screen (horizontal), but there are no IAPs and you can play the game as much as you want to. In case you decide to join the “Adopt an Idiot” movement, navigate to and start uploading your photos.

[tab:Download Shopping Mall Parking]
Shopping Mall Parking
Shopping Mall Parking
Developer: DevilishGames
Price: Free
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Key features

– 2 game modes: play with on-screen buttons or by moving your smartphone.
– No valet parking available.
– Different car models, different behaviours.
– Realistic physics: Accelerate, hit the brakes… or don’t and flip over!


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