Inceptional’s Light Hero released on Android

Light Hero is a fast paced retro-arcade shooter that looks like it was ripped out straight from the ’80’s. Your job, as the greatest pilot in the galaxy, is to collect precious minerals and fight the unknown alien enemies. Oh, and stay alive as well.


Since you are the greatest pilot in (that) galaxy, you’ve been granted the best starship available, the Warp Star. Your quest is to gather the valuable space mineral Phosphorium, primarily used as energy source on Earth. To do this, you will have to blast your way through asteroid fields, avoid black holes, discover alternate dimensions and fight the unknown  Alien species. Alternate between 6 weapon charges to match the mineral color and avoid short-circuiting your ship.

Light Hero offers 9 normal and 9 bonus levels, 18 alien dimensions and touch-optimized controls. The “infinite” mode will put your skills to the test while trying to beat the high score and who knows, you may even survive long enough to face the “Almighty K”, the greatest evil known to mankind.

Light Hero was originally released on PC in 2012 and was ported on iOS one year later. The Android version of the game was launched few days ago and can be downloaded from the Play Store for $1.68. If you wish to try the game before buying the full version, you can download the free demo first from the link below.

[tab:Download Light Hero] [tab:Game Features]

Key Features:
– 9 Normal Levels
– 9 Bonus Levels
– 18 alien dimensions
– Infinite Mode for High Score challenge
– 6-colour switch mechanic
– Black holes that suck bullets, asteroids and player into their gravitational pull
– Simple two touch control


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