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Hide Online by HitRock games is a brand new mixture of stealth and shooter game that is still in development. The essence of the game is to play hide and seek on a larger scale with other players online. This is a short preview because my impression is that Hide Online is still in early access and the developers will have to do some more polishing and add a lot more content to make it perfect.


Hide Online Preview


The game caught my attention on Reddit and how it gained pretty decent popularity in short time, so naturally I decided to try it myself. The game is quite light-weight. After downloading it from the Play Store, it will only take around 60 megabytes of storage and that’s it. As soon as you launch it, for some reason, it won’t ask for your name, but will assign (what seems to be random) name to your character automatically. Nevertheless, you can change your name, but not your portrait icon (for now). Once you complete that part, you can hop right in match by tapping the green play button.



Now, the idea here is to split the two teams and every player will be rotated between them after each match. You will either start as Hunter or Prop. Hunters have riffles and couple of grenades, a manual fire button and a jump button. Their job is to find other team members disguised as a props and kill them. Noticing what is a prop and what is a player in disguise is not always easy. There is no difference between random objects on the map and prop players, with one exception. Prop players can stay hidden for about 25 seconds and then they start making noise for a brief period of time. This will attract nearby hunters which will start shooting. Props only defense is to literally “polymorph” them into a random animal (chickens, sheep etc.) and try to escape. Naturally, they will try to find the best room where they would blend in with the rest of the furniture. Or try to physically hide behind larger objects (I saw a player disguised as hamburger, just sitting inside a toilet bowl).

Hide Online
He Should Be Proud


For now, there is only one map available which I must admit was pretty fun to play. The only problem is the lack of content and the current monetization model. Respawns are not unlimited and I personally feel that this is a big mistake in a shooter-type game. When you run out of respawns, you can purchase more with gold, and gold (as far as I could tell) can not be obtained by playing. You will either have to wait for the match to end or quit and find another. There is an option to watch ads in exchange for med pack and charges, but it wasn’t working for me. Furthermore, all hunters look exactly the same. This is why I mentioned that the game feels like early access title, even if there is no such claim on the official Play Store Page.

Hide Online
You Need These to Play


Hide and seek can be downloaded for free from the link below, there is no hard violence (except for the hunters shooting hamburgers and chairs). Hopefully, the developers from HitRock will continue updating the game in near future and adding more content. It is a fun little game and should be a shame not to improve it.

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Hide Online - Hunters vs Props
Hide Online - Hunters vs Props
Developer: Hitrock
Price: Free
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