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As game developers and publishers start waking up from their winter hibernation (holidays, sobering up), new games started appearing on the Android Play Store. One of those titles is Rapid Blocks by ”¬†SoumiDelRio”, a brand new puzzle game that seems to be completely free.

Rapid Blocks is a matching game where you click on 3 or more connected blocks of the same color to make them disappear, move adjacent columns and score points. The whole pile moves upwards in regular ticks that tends to speed up as the time runs out. Allow any of the columns to reach the top of the screen or fail to accumulate the goal points and you lose the level.

Rapid Blocks has 15 levels (more will be added soon), each more challenging than the last. The first couple of levels are easy to beat, but things get complicated as the game starts introducing additional block colors (up to 5), reduced timers and faster gameplay. Mindlessly tapping the screen at random points won’t help you at all especially on levels requiring you to score 1000 points or more. Pairing up smaller blocks won’t get you there as points won’t multiply fast enough to reach the target before the time runs out.

The endless mode has no timer attached to it and the only way to lose the game is by letting the pile grow out of control. There are couple of power-ups exclusive to this game mode that should help you pair chunks of blocks more easily while trying to gather some of the 20 achievements included. You also get the global leaderboards access and the offline stats where Rapid Blocks neatly logs your actions such as highest score, time spent in-game, most power-ups used etc.

Rapid Blocks is completely free. There are no IAPs or ads to bother you while playing. The game itself requires only 17 mb of storage space and device running Android 2.2 or later, so even if you have an older device Rapid Blocks should run without hiccups. If you like playing free puzzle games on your cell phone, follow the link below. Happy New Year.




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– Two game modes: Endless mode and Levels mode.
– 15 fun levels (More will be added soon).
– Addictive game play.
– Special Powers (Use them to help you break the blocks): The bomb, the star, the timer and the arrow.
– 20 Achievements.
– Leaderboards.
– Stats: Check your total score, total play time and total powers used and saves your highest score, longest time and used special powers in one game.


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