Albion Online major update Knightfall rolls out

Knightfall is the latest major update for the fantasy sandbox MMORPG Albion Online by Sandbox Interactive. This update marks the first major patch since the release of the Albion East Asian server and introduces a bunch of new features, QoL updates and of course, new content. The update is live on Android, iOS and PC.

What’s new?

In short, a lot. But to narrow it down: A new dungeon called Knightfall Abbey, an expanded selection of items including capes and mounts, a new trader NPC located in Brecilien, and various other features to the Mists.

For the full list of new things scroll down a bit more, but in the meantime, check out the trailer. It’s cool.

Albion Online, Knightfall trailer

Full List of New Features

  • Knightfall Abbey, a mysterious dungeon hidden within the Mists
    • An atmospheric realm of crumbling stone and beautiful stained-glass windows
    • Contains treasures and ancient shrines that offer powerful buffs
    • Only exist for a limited time and must be sought out
    • Other players will also be able to access the dungeon, leading to unique interactions and fights
  • Coffers, new treasures that only reveal their location to nearby players
  • Caches, offering individualized loot to the player who clears a mob camp

New Items, Traders, and Standing

  • A Brecilien NPC, Eralia Wayfarer, trades with adventurers with sufficient standing
  • New Avalonian and Brecilien Capes that offer unique defensive capabilities
  • New Mystic Owl mounts that carry adventurers swiftly through the world

Roads of Avalon Improvements 

  • Updated with new enemies and greater mob density
  • New off-road paths between the Roads offer options for exploration and escape
  • Some Roads mobs now drop Avalonian Energy

Major Quality-of-Life Improvements

  • Optional WASD movement system
  • Character gender can be changed for Gold
  • Major optimizations to mobile and controller gameplay
  • …and much more

For even larger list of EVERYTHING new, head over to the official patchnotes article.


You can get Albion online on Android and iOS. If you wish to play the game on bigger screen, Sandbox Interactive made a client that works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can access everything from the buttons bellow.

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