Fake Future Global Launch

Fake Future is a city builder / simulation game with heavy AI involvement. The developers from Yuzun Technology made a post apocalyptic pixelated cyberpunk world, where citizens are living under a self aware AI that tracks everything they do. The game is available on Android and iOS starting today.

About the game

What if AI achieves self-awareness and exceeds human intelligence? How would humans respond to the emergence of a new energy source called “Icey”? An uncharted “pixel” realm known as the [Fake Future] is born. This realm portrays a blurry yet enigmatic future, resembling the aftermath of Earth’s destruction, yearning for renaissance and discovery. Whether you admire cyber-pixel aesthetics or adore science fiction, don’t miss out on this vintage-futuristic pixel-based simulation game.

[Reboot the Earth, Build Your Society]Experience endless combinations and possibilities! Unleash your creativity and imagination through block-building and arranging things how you want. it’s all up to you! Craft your homeland with your own hands!

[Alien Invasion, Intertwined Riddles]A whole wasteland is to be revealed before you! Desert, woods, mines, tunnels… they’re filled with thrilling adventures and stories to be experienced! Rally your team and set off now! The enigmas of extra-terrestrial life await your discovery.

[Survival & Cooperated Growth of Humanity]The choice is yours to accept or decline quests from various peculiar visitors arriving at your headquarters. Be it deliverymen, aid-seekers, robbers, or cyborgs, your decisions will impact their lives! Faced with the unknown, will you uphold by your principles or seize the opportunity for collaboration?

[Intriguing conundrums, Awakened AI Consciousness]You’re not only reconstructing a homeland but also a realm of Cyberoids! Delve into their past memories and harness cutting-edge technologies to advance their development. Unravel their subconscious as a challenge for yourself, and together, let’s explore the enigmas of AI consciousness and its awakening!

[Future Unfolding, Civilization Continuing]As you dip through the plot, you will find yourself not alone. Visitors from other planets will show up at your base, and you will gain access to more resources and technologies! Amid the boundless cosmos, let human civilization persevere and thrive!

In retrospect…

Year 2100, the first Cyberoid was created
Year 2101, Hope was born
Year 2102, Geoport’s first attempt to return to Earth. Due to system errors amongst the Cyberoids, the mission failed.
Year 2105, Geoport’s second attempt to return to Earth. The mission failed due to malfunctioning Cyberoids.
Year 2110, during Geoport’s third attempt to return to Earth, the Cyberoids attempted to approach the alien colossus, Walchen, but were annihilated in the aftermath of fierce attacks.
Year 2115, in Geoport’s fourth attempt to return to Earth, the power facility at their headquarters malfunctioned, causing widespread blackouts in various locations, ultimately leading to mission failure.
Year 2117, during Geoport’s fifth attempt to return to Earth, Cyberoids faced attacks from humans. Little did they know, the journey back to their home planet would become such an epic odyssey.

Your mission is clear: “Continue Geoport’s mission, develop Cyberoids, and send them back to Earth.” Let’s get started once again, return to Earth!


Fake Future is available on Android and iOS. You can download and play it for free, with optional in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $14.99 (USD),

D.B. – “Fake Future Global Launch”

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