[Re-Release] Mecho Wars

As usual, Android users seem to be the least important customers when it comes to games released on multiple platforms. Looking on the bright side, we do get the better product in the end, highly polished, patched-up and ready to play. Meet Mecho Wars, the turn-based strategy game that really has something to offer for all the fans of the genre.

Mecho Wars has been around since 2009. It was originally released for iOS, then ported to PC and Mac, followed by Wii (ware), DSiWare and Playstation Minis. Initially the game was quite buggy and the online multiplayer mode was missing. The developer decided to patch things up, implement the multiplayer and fix other technical difficulties as well, but apparently it wasn’t enough so he pulled the game off the “App Store”.  The overhauled version of Mecho Wars is finally here, exclusively available to Android users only (for now)!

Mecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game taking place in Ethenity Child’s universe created by Luc Bernard, expanding the world trough events in the story-driven campaign that describes the conflict between the Winged Crusade and the mechanical creatures known as the Landians. Folks that are familiar with “Advance Wars” on the Gameboy Advance will find the gameplay to be very similar. You will command your units and strategically distribute them on the map in order to capture cities, factories and of course destroy enemy units. Cities will increase the gold gained per turn, while factories will allow you to construct new units and place them on the battlefield.  Units come in many forms and types, each of them having their own different strengths and weaknesses that will decide the outcome when you engage the enemy. In order to win the match, you will have to capture the enemy base.

After you finish the campaign, you can test your skills in the skirmish mode or against your friends online. The cartoonish graphics are surprisingly detailed with some nice vibrant colors, accompanied by the excellent soundtrack composed by Sean Beeson. The game is available right now on the Play Store for $0.99, iOS users will have to wait a while longer, but the developer confirmed that it will be available on the “App Store” soon.

UPDATE: Mecho Wars was removed from Google Play. And we couldn’t find a reliable APK file to download and try.

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