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Heads up! Hot Android games on sale week 1

Don’t miss the opportunity to get some of the hottest games on Android for half the price (or even more). Sine Mora, The Bard’s Tale, Kingdom Rush, Gangstar Vegas are only some of the titles with slashed prices available in this midweek sales round-up.

#1 Sine Mora

One of the best “Bullet Hell” biplane horizontal shooters on Android up to date. Get in the cockpit and try to kill as many enemies over 7 different landscapes, 50 different weapons and tons of power-ups. If you decide to follow the the story, make sure you read the review available here. You can still get Sine Mora for $2.99, half the price it usually sells for. The discount was supposed to end on September 1st, but the developers decided to keep it down for a while longer.

#2 The Bard’s Tale

Google Play Editor’s Choice – Best of 2012 Games

One of the largest Android games ever made. The game requires 3.5 gb of storage space for the HD version, or at least 1.7 gb for the standard definition install. The Bard’s Tale is action RPG game that offers large world to explore, full of quests, monsters, dungeons, bosses and secrets. You are looking into 20 to 30 hours of solid gameplay that will make you wish you had a spare battery. But that’s not all. You will also get “The Bard’s Tale” trilogy from the early ’90’s free of charge. You can get this game for half the price ($2.99) by following the link below.

#3 Gangstar Vegas

Get ready to take over the City of Sin, GTA style. 80 missions filled with action are waiting for you to complete in the story mode. If you somehow manage to get bored, you can start exploring (or wreaking havoc) the vast open-world full of cars, monster trucks, bikes and even fighter jets. Large variety of weapons like Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers and electric guitars are at your disposal, just in case you find the regular firearms too dull to play with. The entire gameplay is accompanied by excellent soundtrack featuring Skrillex and Kavinsky among the other acclaimed artists. Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft is 40% off right now for a limited time only. Don’t miss the chance to get it for $3.99

#4 The Walking Dead: Assault

A must buy for The Walking Dead fans

The Walking Dead: Assault is one of the top paid and featured games on the Play Store right now. Assemble the team of 4 characters including -Rick, Glenn, Shane, Carl, Andrea, Lori (and more), gear up, hunt for supplies, upgrade and use special abilities to bring the zombies down. The Walking Dead: Assault provides huge amount of unlockable content including wallpapers, artwork, behind the scenes trivia and much more. Achievements and leaderboards are there as well and make sure you don’t miss “The Assault Challenge” in order to win exclusive signed Walking Dead gear from Robert Kirkman! You can get the game today for $1.49

#5 Kingdom Rush

One of the best Tower Defense games ever made, on any platform period. 50 enemies, 9 heroes, 8 specialized towers and over 18 tower abilities, epic battles and intense boss fights will hook you for hours. Over 60 achievements and extra game modes will push your skills to the limits, making you develop new strategies and tactics just so you can survive one more wave. Kingdom Rush is on sale and can be yours for only $0.99 Check it out from the link below.

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