[New Release] Breach and Clear

Breach & Clear developed by “Mighty Rabbit” and published by “Gun Media” is the latest tactical warfare game available on the Google Play Store. Get ready to blast your way…wait no, “tactically infiltrate” (yes that’s the one) terrorist cell structures by assembling a team of real-world squads ranging from US Navy Seals, 75th Ranger Regiment, Canadian JTF2 and even more. Breach & Clear was released for the iOS platform few months ago, but just recently the developers decided to roll out a major update and introduce it to the Android masses at the same time, so yes we do get the patched up version even before it rolls out on the “App Store”.

You can customize your squad with tons of perks, abilities, weapons, camos and other consumables like the UAV drones and breaching charges. Since Breach & Clear is tactical shooter/simulation, carefully planning your tactics and strategies is quite essential. You will have to cover every angle, all exits, split the squad members and try to outflank the enemy while using various objects as cover.

The latest update (Android version has it included) brings in couple of new missions, new enemies and one new game mode where you have to find and diffuse the bomb while constantly fighting off enemies and racing the clock. The developers teamed up with real world CQB/SOF/SF and other various weapon and tactical consultants before releasing the game in order to make it look and feel as real as possible.  If you find yourself lost in the beginning, you can always switch to training mode or follow the tutorial that should explain a thing or two how to play tactical games.

Breach & Clear features 3D graphics, allowing you to rotate the camera to your likings with highly detailed object and characters. The developers promise to keep the game up-to-date by releasing new missions, maps, game modes and squads on regular intervals. If you ever played some of the Rainbow Six / Splinter Cell series, you will probably like Breach & Clear and getting the game now will save you couple of bucks as the developers decided to celebrate the initial Android release by slashing the price by half.

Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops
Breach & Clear: Tactical Ops

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