Monster Shooter Mania

Those poor Aliens just can’t catch a break from all the hate we unleash in various Android games, yet they keep coming back for more. Monster Shooter Mania is no different. You have your guns, bombs and what-not and you have your Aliens doing their little invasion thingy. Shoot away!

Sargent Perry Clash, you have been given the task to defend our city’s lines from the monster invasion! Get behind your gun and the sandbag wall, the only line of defense you have. Make your bullets count, and make sure you upgrade your guns with the coins you earn, it’ll make it it much easier to get rid of those dirty angry monsters.

Tap the screen to shoot the Aliens rushing towards you and kill them before they touch the barrier or you lose some of the stars you get after completing the level. Zombies, sorry Aliens drop coins when killed, coins that can be used to purchase additional guns, more upgrades and better barrier blocks to help you survive some of the later levels from the 30-level pack.

Monster Shooter Mania is free to play, there are no ads and the only IAP-related option is the “Buy more coins” button in the shop that does absolutely nothing when tapped. I am not entirely sure if it’s broken or not implemented yet and visiting the developers website to dig up more info returned nothing, mainly because I was distracted by the weird background animation that loops behind the content. Anyway, the game is free to play, supports achievements and leaderboards, requires about 40 megabytes of storage space and can be downloaded by following the link below. Have fun.

Monster Shooter Mania!
Monster Shooter Mania!
Developer: Gravy Baby Media
Price: Free+

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